June Koegel, Chief Operating Officer, Describes Her Long Career

June Koegel, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Volunteers of America, describes her 30-plus year career with us.

Video Transcript

Why I do what I do here at Volunteers of America. 

I started working for the organization back in 1985, and I can't imagine working anywhere else. For me it's about giving back, it's about making a difference for people in the community. 

I always think about the wonderful story in the Bible that talks about each of us are these broken pots of clay, with cracks and chips, and it's our job to shine brightly through those pots of clay so that others can see that it's God working through us. To me why I do what I do is I feel like it's my mission in life to really help others, to make a difference. To make sure that veterans have a wonderful place to live. Our seniors have a safe home to live in. The children that we work with have a safe place to grow up. That's really all that life is about.